Bob's Devices continues to break the price barrier by offering top quality audiophile cables at 1/3 the price of competitive products. All our cables are hand crafted, fully balanced, individually tested and terminated with top of the line Cardas Audio SRCA and the new Cardas XLR connectors. For those of you who prefer RCA locking connectors, we offer the Vampire LRCA-8 Locking connectors with spring loaded center pin.. The interior connections are resistance soldered and dampened in pure Teflon wrap.

We back our cables with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. All Bob's interconnects feature a balanced type of architecture with internal conductors carrying the + and - signal with an additional braided conductive shield that is connected on one end only. This provides shielding effectively rejecting RF and EM interference without creating ground loops (say goodbye to hum).

Interconnects are available in custom lengths and with angle connectors for tigh spaces.  Email bob@bobsdevices.com for details.



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Shielded Silver Clad Copper Conductor Interconnect Cables
Shielded Silver Clad Copper Conductor Interconnect Cables