300 RPM Motor & Pulley (Specify Platter Size)

300 RPM Motor & Pulley (Specify Platter Size)


300 RPM Motor Upgrade kit

You can upgrade your VPI motor to the new lower noise & vibration 300 rpm motor used on the Classic Signature, Aries, Prime, and HRX turntables! This upgrade gives substantial improvement over your current VPI motor!

This upgrade requires no soldering and can be installed easily in your own home in just minutes.

This kit includes:

  • 300 rpm Motor

  • Larger pulley (please specify when ordering with your dealer if you have a 11.5 inch or 12 inch platter.)

  • Special capacitor for installation in your current Scout motor chassis (only needed for Scout turntables

NOTE: This upgrade is easiest on any VPI Scout Series table. It is recommended to have your dealer install the upgrade.