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ADS Speed Controller - Show Demo

ADS Speed Controller - Show Demo

$1,265.00 Regular Price
$995.00Sale Price

The ADS design includes two pure analog frequency generators featuring low distortion and noise; a high current Class-A/B amplifier that is transformer-coupled to the turntable output; analog control logic for low noise operation; 33/45 RPM analog speed adjustment controls with center detente positions that are factory calibrated.  Created by our Director of Electrical Engineering, Michael Bettinger.

Key Features:



  • The platter is started and stopped by the front panel Run/Stop momentary push button switch.

  • The front panel contains a two-position push button switch for selecting either 33 RPM or 45
    RPM operation.

  • There are separate speed adjustment controls for 33 and 45

  • The controls have a detented center position that is factory calibrated for 60 Hz (33 RPM)
    and 81 Hz (45 RPM).

  • The speed is  continuously adjustable +/- 3 Hz  

  • Blue LED indicators adjacent to the controls indicate which speed is set at a glance.

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