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Integrated VPI Step Up Transformer

Integrated VPI Step Up Transformer


This fully integrated Step-up Transformer/VPI Interface Box was specifically created to improve the performance of your VPI turntable when used with a low output Moving Coil Phono Cartridge. It replaces the standard VPI Interface Box with a unit that combines the top of the line Bob's Devices exclusive SKY Step Up Transformers with the VPI Interface Box.

This unit eliminates a set of interconnects and connectors in the phono playback circuit. The path between the moving coil cartridge and the phono preamplifier is as critical as it is sensitive due to the low voltage and current being transmitted. Further, this path is also subject to RF and other interference, so EFI/RFI shielded cables are mandatory between the SKY and your phono stage inputs. You will hear the difference by streamlining this path - "the fewer stones in the road the smoother the ride."


This Bob's Devices VPI-SUT replaces the standard VPI interface box on the following arms where the interface box is directly attached to the tonearm base/platform : 3D Printed Arm, Fatboy arm, JMW 12.7, JMW 12.6, JMW 12.5, JMW 9T, JMW 9S, JMW C2, JMW C3, Classic, JMW 10, and JMW 10.5i (and other heritage JMW arms - contact us for specific applications). It will not work where the interface box is mounted directly to the plinth.

You will, “Hear the Magic!”


Comes with detailed installation instructions, or you are welcome to have Bob install this device if you feel uncomfortable doing so. Just email Bob at for shipping instructions. Basically you could just send the Tonearm Base and Bob will replace the VPI interface Box with the Bob's Devices VPI-SUT.


NOTE:  This is a SPECIAL ORDER item and is not stocked.  Please allow 7-10 days for building and testing.  Also, this item is not returnable, but it is covered by Bob's Lifetime warranty.

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