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Nitty Gritty Model 1.5

Nitty Gritty Model 1.5


Now record cleaning is faster and easier with Nitty Gritty's 1.5 machines. Nitty Gritty's unique Capstan Record Drive automatically rotates the record during fluid application and vacuum suction-eliminating the need to manually scrub the record. The vacuum strip fibers scrub the record at the same time it's being rotated and vacuumed. Neat and simple. A slide-out waste tray on the bottom allows easy spent fluid disposal. With these automatic features, you'll be able to clean more records in less time than with the Model 1.0! 



Dimensions: 15"x9"x8.5" 

Automatic scrubbing 

Automatic rotation 

Slide-out fluid tray 

Vinyl wood grain cabinet (BLACK) 

1 year manufacturers parts and labor warranty. 



1 "velvet" record cleaning brush,

1 four-ounce bottle of PURE 2™ 

1 small whisk.


Additional Accessories For Your System: 

DC1 soft vinyl dust cover, DC2 smoked acrylic dust cover, NITTY GRITTY Professional Grade Record Sleeves, VACSWEEP™ Replacement Kit. 


Feel The Groove!! 


Made In The USA

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