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Nitty Gritty Model Mini-Pro 2.0

Nitty Gritty Model Mini-Pro 2.0


Clean both sides of the records at the same time with Nitty Gritty's Mini-Pro machines-the only vacuum powered record cleaning machines which can pull off this feat! 


The Mini-Pro system is effortless to use. Put on the record, slide the top cleaning bar in place, push the buttons, and done! The Mini-Pro automatically rotates, wets, scrubs, and vacuum both sides of the record at the same time. For bi-directional cleaning just flip the record over and repeat the process. A slide-out waste tray on the bottom allows easy fluid disposal. 


The Mini-Pro 1 features oak vinyl cabinet sides; the Mini-Pro 2 has real oak wood sides. Both the Mini-Pro 1 & 2 cleaning packages come with cleaning machine, Nitty Gritty record cleaning solution, fluid applicator brush, and clear instructions. 



Dimensions: 15"x9"x8.5" 

Bi-directional cleaning 

Wet scrubs and vacuums both sides 

Automatic fluid application 

Automatic rotation 

Automatic scrubbing 

Slide-out waste fluid tray 

Solid Oak cabinet 

1 year manufacturers parts and labor warranty. 

Includes 16oz Purifier 2 cleaner. 


Feel The Groove!! 


Made In The USA

Color: Dark Cherry
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