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Shielded Solid Silver Conductor Interconnect Cables

Shielded Solid Silver Conductor Interconnect Cables


Solid Silver custom terminated interconnect, which is Bob's top-of-the-line cable.  It features a pair of pure silver 22 awg conductors and triple-shielding consisting of a silver plated OFC braided shield coupled to an Aluminum/Mylar shield and a Teflon PTFE shield.  Covering the shield is a braided nylon sheath encased in a clear PVC outer jacket.  Internally, this cable has 5 polyethylene air tubes separating and isolating the conductors.


Bob's silver cable is custom terminated in our lab with your choice of Cardas SRCA or Cardas XLR connectors. 


Note that these cables are very stiff and are only available in .7m and 1m lengths.  Longer lengths are available at an extra cost.  Since the solid silver internal conductors are very stiff and brittle, any twisting of the connector to insert or remove the cable will result in conductor breakage internal.  This breakage is not covered by warranty.

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