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VPI Avenger

VPI Avenger


Features a 3 point mount for rock solid stability.  The Avenger is a completely customizable turntable with many options. 

Base Model Build ($9500)

  • Avenger Chassis with Classic Platter
  • JMW 10-3D tonearm
  • Prime Motor with 2 Step Pulley
  • Classic Signature Feet
  • HR-X Center Weight

Reference Model Build ($21,000)

  • Avenger Chassis with Magnetic Drive Platter
  • JMW 12-3D-R Tonearm
  • Avenger Motor with HR-X Pulley
  • Machined Avenger Feet
  • SDS
  • Periphery Ring Clamp
  • HR-X Center Weight

Additional Options Include:

  • 1,2, or 3 tonearms of any size
  • Single motor
  • Single motor flywheel
  • Dual motor flywheel or rim drive
  • HRX platter or Magnetic drive platter
  • Avenger or HRX feet
  • HRX center clamp and periphery ring

Check out the Avenger sneak preview with bob's devices at Rock Mountain Audio Festival.  

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